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Pay your ZONE1511 Bill via iNETS and be rewarded!

How to get rewarded
Step 1 Sign up with ZONE1511 by 30th April 2010 and enjoy FREE* IDD to 15 destinations.
With 30 minutes per destination, that's a total of 450 minutes FREE!
Step 2 Pay your ZONE1511 bill via iNETS kiosk or iNETS Mobile and enjoy FREE* addtional 150 mins IDD talk time.
For payment via iNETS Kiosk
For payment via iNETS Mobile
Step 3 With every payment made via iNETS Kiosk or iNETS Mobile, you stand a chance to have your bill paid by iNETS.
Find out how!
How to sign up
Choose any of the options below to sign up with ZONE1511. Registration is FREE
1800 433 1511 and
quote iNETS Promotion
register <space> inets <space> name to 81231511
and key under Promotion
Information: INETS1
With ZONE1511, you enjoy quality international calls, savings of up to 97% on your IDD bills and so much more! For more information on ZONE1511, visit
Enjoy more savings with ZONE1511!

No Talk No Pay
Your call is FREE if it's 8 seconds of less. This is our service promise to you.

Every 4th minute of your call is FREE^
With 123FREE service plan, every 4th minute of your call is FREE^, so the longer you talk, the more you saved!
Save up to 67% on your local mobile charge with 1511CALL BACK
Turn every outgoing call into an incoming call and save on your mobile phone bills for both local and international calls! To find out how, visit
More value-added services To find out more, visit
Only ZONE1511 gives you MORE for less. It’s no wonder everyone’s talking with ZONE1511!
123FREE Service Plan (default plan for home users)
Dail: 1511 + Country Code + Area Code + Telephone Number
No Talk No Pay. Your call is FREE if its 8 seconds or less!
*Terms & Conditions apply. Click here for more information.
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